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Trying to get this camera to work. Is there a TWAIN driver? Where can I download it and is a password required? Current set up has software crashing the application I am trying to import images into. Hoping with TWAIN driver I can use the camera directly in the application.

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ALPTA Dental Intra Oral Camera MD960U Trouble & Question & Problem

  • The Manual was my dog lost.

–Hmmmm…Download you manual.

  • Cannot get the device to work. Installed the drivers and two computers can still not read the device.

–The screen is black or the camera cannot turn on? Have you insert USB cable at the back of computer host? Please try to install this driver and software again, discharge the one you installed.

  • Camera will not turn on, worked for a week and stopped.

–Maybe the button was broken. contact me!

  • The camera is not recognized on the computer. I have about 10 of these, none has this problem. Returning it.

–Try to change a new USB cable. 

  • It does not work with our imaging software and the picture is blurry.

–Please try this software and driver.

  • Software would not load to use the intramural camera.

–Our camera cannot work with other dental software, if you need compatible with other software, we could send SDK to you, you asked your software engineer write inside of your software. if the picture is blurry, may have saliva get inside of camera head. you need to send back to us to clean it.

  • Program does not work in my lap top.

–What is your computer system?  Our camera cannot work in MAC and IPAD system, only work in Windows system. 

  • My computer not CD-ROM, I can’t reading CD.


    • The machine need to connect with USB interface behind the host computer motherboard based USB 2.0.

–Please do not use front-end USB interface, because most of the host front-end is USB 1.1, the picture image occur poor quality and unstable.