ProDENT PD740 DIGITAL USB CAMERA Work with Eaglesoft Dexis and Most North American Imaging Software


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Designed by a dentist for a dentist, ProDENT Camera has been trusted by ten thousands of customer already.

With the APP “ProDENT CAPTURE”, this camera can work with most of the imaging software.

Do not buy if your imaging software is in the list below

Open dental, Quickvision,

Important notice:

ProDENT camera PD740 is not waterproof, Protective sleeves needed to be used always. Maintainance should follow the suggestion and can not wipe the camera head with any liquid for infection control.


Power:DC 5V +/- .5V(1.5A) by USB Type of focus: Auto-focus of AF Sensor : 5MP Video output:640×480 Scope of focus: 5mm ~50mm Image format: JPEG Length of camera:200mm Cable length:2m Connect port:5 pinhole Weight of handset:34g

Package Content:

ProDENT camera X 1 Magnetic camera holder X 1 Software CD X 1 USB cable X 1 ProDENT Sheath X 50

ProDENT intraoral camera dental camera
ProDENT PD740 USB Camera Classical
Choices of ten thousands of customers

Classical design

Clear picture

Plug and Play

Work with DEXIS, Eaglesoft, shock, XDR, Sidexis,

ProDENT capture
ProDENT Capture: App for the Perfect Integration
How to get the capture button work with your dental imaging software?

Supporting software list that capture button of the intraoral camera can fully work with.

Software list special for Windows Operation System

Dexis, Eaglesoft, XDR, ClearDENT, DENTRIX
TRACKER, Schick by SIRONA, TigerView, Sidexis
Scanoral, DBSWin, Capture link, Romexis, ACE DENTAL,
Browser-based dental software MOGO, Curve Hero, Praktika,

Software for Mac system MacPractise

ProDENT Intraoral camera pd740 faq
Frequent Ask question
1. How to prevent the camera from getting foggy or blurry?

ProDENT camera PD740 is NOT waterproof. Always use protective sheathes when use. Never wipe the lens part with liquid and pressure. Wipe with dry Q-tip. Foggy or Blurry image after use is not under manufacturer responsibility.

2 Why the camera got foggy or blurry?

Liquid gets in the camera and caused foggy problem. Try to avoid these actions Normal use without Protective cover, Direct touch with finger or gloves, Wipe with liquid when to do infection control


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