DARYOU DY-50 USB Camera, Super Clear. Quality Trusted Camera


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Trusted by millions Of clients. Check the reviews

Daryou Capture Button Driver is the software that makes the camera button work in bellow supported software. This driver is INCLUDED in this sale

Supported software:

DEXIS,Eaglesoft, Apteryx , XDR,Schick, Cleardent, DentiMax, AbleDent, CaptureLink, CliniView, ProfSuni, Digora,Tracker, Carestream, Kodak, Vixwin

If your software is NOT included in the above list, DON’T buy unless you want to use this camera’s software

Direct connect to computer’s USB to use. No other hardware and software required. Work on Windows 10/8/7. Anti-fog, non-spherical lens.

Come with the software you need. Automatic power-off function. Images can be saved, compared and printed via this software. Super-wide automatic adjusting- focus lens

Lifetime technical support by Phone, Email and Remote log in

To protect this camera, Sheath MUST be used and a camera can NOT be wiped with liquid. Otherwise it gets blurry or burnt. DARYOU is dedicated to High quality, Next generation technology

Package content and Specification

camera X 1 ,Magnetic camera holder X 1
Software CD X 1
USB cable X 1
Sheath X 50
Power:DC 5V +/- .5V(1.5A) by USB
Type of focus: Auto-focus of AF
Sensor : 5MP,Resolution:1600 X 1200
Scope of focus: 5mm ~50mm ,Image format: JPEG
Length of camera:200mm ,Cable length:2m
Connect port:5 pinhole,Weight of handset:34g

DARYOU Integration capture button driver included

DARYOU capture button driver is included. This driver makes the camera capture button take pictures in most imaging software and save pictures in the client’s chart automatically. It works with bellow software:

DEXIS, Eaglesoft, Apteryx
Tracker, Cleardent, DentiMax
AbleDent, CaptureLink, CliniView
ProfSuni, Dentrix Ascend
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(Q&A)

1. How to prevent a camera from getting foggy or burnt?

This camera is NOT waterproof. Always use protective sheathes when use. Never wipe the lens part with any chemicals. You can wipe the handle with a damp soft cloth

2. What to do in case the camera got foggy?

Liquid gets in the camera and caused foggy problem. You can not fix it by yourself. Ask the seller for repair

3. A black dot or line appear on every picture I take and looks like missing pixels on the camera. How to fix it?

dust on the lens caused this problem. You can tap the camera head harder sideways against your palm. The dust should go away. If the problem is still there, leave the camera in a dry location for 2 hours and tap it again. If above cannot solve the problem, contact seller for help.

4. How to integrate this camera into Dexis and other imaging software?

install this camera’s software from the small CD.In your software, set “USB video device” as the imaging device driver. Some software use “Acquire” function to set this driver

5.I use Carestream,Vixwin,Kodak imaging or other imaging software.They require TWAIN driver to integrate this camera into them. Does this camera work with them?

Yes. You need to install our Daryou Capture button driver. This driver will make the capture button work in them

6.I can see live video in Dexis and Eaglesoft,but the capture button cannot take picture in them. How to use this camera in them?

You can press the power button to freeze picture. Then click in your software to take and save picture.Then press the power button again to bring video to live.


You can install Daryou Capture Button Driver to make the button work. This driver is included in this sale


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